Monday, November 28, 2011

Everything is going just fine.

I have not wrote down my thoughts in such a long time. Everything with Raymond is going very well, as a matter of fact today is his final first steps meeting. First Steps is a company that provides various services for children with special needs. Well since Raymond will be turning three soon the services will be turned over to the special school district. This is really a nerve rattling time for me right now. There are just so many unknowns. Will he have a great Speech Pathologist? How will he react in the classroom setting? What will be his teachers response to his tantrums? I just really wish I could look to the future so I can know what is coming down the road for him. I am handling every thing pretty well in my opinion, just waiting right now. I can say that this is a very nervous time for me and if you are going through the same thing just remember that your child will always be covered by the hand of God. This really gives me comfort in my time of waiting and wondering.

 Just like he is doing on this picture always look up and know that God see's all knows all and will never give you more than you can bare. I want the best for my baby and you  do too. That is why gave you your mother roll. He gave you that child. He is yours and by-golly He will give you the strategy you need to navigate through this stage in his life. Just Believe!

Thanks for reading.