Sunday, May 20, 2012

Transitioning to "School" (dum dum dum dum dummmmm)

Man guys I have so much to tell you! So much has went on since my last post! Raymond is now three years old! YAYY! Well in the state of Missouri when you are 3years old then that means you graduate from a program called the Missouri First Steps Program. And what the First Steps program is, is a team of professionals that come to your home and provide all the services that your child needs such as PT,OT,Speech and various other resources. This is an excellent program that I would highly recommend to anyone in the Missouri area. Anyway the program ended and it was then the time that I was dreading for a while and that's the school setting. Initially it was very hard at first to choose a school. Not that I didn't know what to look for but the fact that I did know what to look for was the problem because I went to several schools that were not giving the children what they needed and some were even not in compliance with some of the basics that I expected to see in a room with children with special needs, such as adequate teachers aides, and proper supplies. I went through a period of great grief and talked with the principals of several of the non-compliant schools and told them they were not right and even threatened to call the special school district. I looked and talked and worried until I found an okay school with a GREAT teacher with 10 years of  experience with children with Autism. When I first met her I literally cried when she told me her thoughts of how each and every child has limitless possibilities and that she believed that every child is capable of learning and growing and becoming independent. We have formed such a great bond however the (dum dum dum dum dummmmmm) moment  is when I had to go through so many steps and meetings just to assure he was getting the ABA service that was stated in the IEP. The school had not hired an ABA therapist so in turn he had to wait for them to hire one which was a two month process. I remember thinking at the time why are you open? If you are servicing the needs of the children then why don't you already have the therapist in place? But anyway everything has worked out fine. Raymond has already finished on semester of school and is doing well. I want to cover in my next blog post all the signs and signals of a good classroom versus a  bad one. I really think if everyone knew before they signed there child up it would be so so helpful and it will allow you the opportunity to confront them on there issues before your child enters the room. It really does help to keep them on there toes which is a shame but a very true fact. We expect  our children to be treated professionally but that is not always the case. So as parents we have to know what should be expected of the teacher, the therapist, and what the classroom set up or model should look like. Thanks for reading and I will post my observations of an adequate classroom in my next blog. :<)