Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Autism Cookbook Review

Recipes by Susan K, Delaine
A Book Review by CandisPixMoments

This is not your ordinary cookbook full of recipes and illustrations of food, but rather it is a wealth of information. To start of it is a how to guide for reading food labels. Other details include:
* Why Raw?
* A Healing Guide.
* Going Organic
*Food Substitutions
This cookbook goes into depth about why all of these things are important. I don't know about you but who doesn't need help reading food labels...I mean some of the ingredients and contents of some foods are just extremely hard to pronounce and when you finally break down into syllable what the chemical is you then have to figure out what in the is it and why is it in my food. Lol, But this book has a guide to understanding those chemical preservatives and additives, as well as how to avoid them for they are harmful to our bodies. My favorite quote from this book is just so true so much so that it has changed my whole outlook towards some of our medical practices.
" Health and wellness is all about addressing and correcting the cause, headaches are not caused by a lack of aspirin. Indigestion is not a result from a lack of Pepcid. Depression is not a result of a lack of Wellbutrin, and Autism has it's origins, an imbalance of normal physiology. Addressing this physiology should be every parent's impulse."
This cookbook is a great source for recipes but also a source of wellness and vitality for all you read it!

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