Monday, July 18, 2011

A Poem of Hope

Stopping him from climbing. Him darting in the street. Cuts, scrapes and body aches, man I need relief. Diet changes therapy sessions, man what is happening to me. Running here running there man there's stuff everywhere. Late nights, tantrums and fights please understand my plight. I'm doing all I can to help calming him, soothing him, being positive towards him. My oh my what a job. I just wanna take it out of him. I know he will be fine no matter what they say, just keep on believing in him and the sun will shine someday. There is hope for more words I hear them when he plays. He understands, he understands just not in my way. Turning things on and off is what you like to do, it's like puzzle solving,one plus one is two. He is my Ray of hope you see, he just keeps shinning and he is so BRIGHT! I keep believing, and I  keep believing with all of my might. 

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