Saturday, July 23, 2011

Transitioning from Therapy in the home to the Special school district..........

Today was the BIG meeting......and I was excited yet fearful. Mixed emotions are raging. In Missouri we have a program that's called First Steps and the MO. First Steps program provides children with all sorts of special needs services like PT, OT, Speech Pathology, and ABA Therapy. Well this Co. is great, you have assigned therapist to your family that work with your child until they are three years of age and then the children that's in the First Steps program then are age eligible for the Early Childhood Special Education Department. Well the BIG meeting was Ray's transition meeting because he is now 2 1/2, so the special ed department begins to assess him and then begin to develop a IFS P. which is basically a plan of services and goals for his education. My first thoughts are YES!, he's growing up....and then my emotions quickly go to man.......I now have to rely on NEW people to take care of him, (sigh). I know these feelings are normal and I just need to accept the facts however I thought I share the sheer emotions of this time.  I will talk in the next post about how we made it through this time, and I really hope to have some helpful tips as well. Right now I am preparing mentally and remaining hopeful THAT EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!

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