Monday, July 18, 2011

" Raymond Can't Have Autism, I Just Don't See it in Him"

This statement is what i hear most often and I just get annoyed when I hear it. Why would you see it in him, you don't know what it is, you don't know the signs and symptoms. Then the statements that proceed me explaining autism and why he has the diagnosis are even more irritating. People say things like well that's just what children do.....and I had a great cousin who had a child who did those same things and they never got the diagnosis of autism. Man the things we hear as caregivers and parents of children with autism are just unbelievable! But you know what, what we have to do is learn to just take the statements in stride.The ignorance of others just can't be changed. Also guys whatever you do don't explain things to people who are not willing to be open and listen to your explanation. In your explanation if you hear things like well " who is to say that him head banging isn't normal" & "well I played with cars all the time when I was little and I don't have that." These are statements of direct indication that they are not open and to save yourself the frustration just redirect the conversation just like we have to redirect our children. LOL I hope this helps(@_@)

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