Saturday, July 23, 2011

Naturally Healthy Kids....check it out!

Author, Jerry Ruben MD, Deon Prina, Nancy Lataitis, Jordan Klein
Book Review by CandisPixMoments

This book is a guide to integrating conventional and holistic treatments for common illnesses of children. For example if you look up the illness Asthma the book will then give you a physiological view of what's going on in the body, eg. (inflammation in the airways) The causes of the illness or the epidemiology, eg. ( asthma is often inherited but can be seen in children with no family history) This book is so detailed that under the illness that you seek there will also be:
* The expected Course
* Contagiousness
* Integrated Therapies
* Integrative Supportive Care
* Prevention
This book is a great reference guide, is really easy to read in a hurry or in leisure.

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