Friday, July 15, 2011

The Introduction

 Hello Everyone,
I have a son with autism of whom I love dearly. I know that his Autism can be cured with proper diet, nutrition, and other holistic care and therapy. I want to connect with other parents to love, show support and encouragement. I would love to support and show love to other  parents that are going through some of the same challenges that I am going through, and also to be a good information source as well. I know that in this day and age there is just so much information thrown at us that it is difficult to decipher at that moment which is good and   which is bad, or which set of info is a marketing scam designed to make money. I feel that I have learned so much and have picked up many helpful tips along the way. So while on my journey I can teach and show and in that we are all growing together. I feel that i have so much to give, even though i don't have all the answers. I really enjoy sharing my experiences with others, so coupled together both knowledge and experience the possibilities are endless of what can be done collectively as we join together and really lift one another up. There is always strength in numbers. So with that being said I am here for you. Feel free to comment and share................................

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