Monday, July 18, 2011

I have done a diet change...and I LOVE the results!!

There is so much controversy concerning weather you can change their diet and really help make a child with Autism have less symptoms and perform at best? I can say with the experience that I have had... YES, YES, and YES! I am so impressed by the dramatic changes that I have seen in Raymond. He has increased his vocabulary by at least ten more words consistently, he sleeps better throughout the night, and does not have chronic diarrhea anymore. He still communicates primarily using sign language, which is great...but the difference that I see in him even in that is  it does not take him as long now to learn the signs and from there to speak the words. And you know what guys his diet is not really strict at all. I don't want you to be deterred by trying the diet change like many, because you feel that you can't eat out anymore or you always have to me making plain, and  bland foods that are just hard for the taste.  I  just feed our family natural foods and really it's just that simple. Nothing in a box and nothing in a bag, with the exception of cereal and pasta. We eat fruits, carrots, and snow peas for snacks. Peanut butter with apple slices and celery is our favorite. We do eat out occasionally and we just go to the places with the healthiest menus and if in a hurry we only eat the fast food places that have turkey burgers instead of beef we get fruit or yogurt instead of fries.  We all take a multivitamin twice per day and have fruit and veggie smoothies daily. I try to stay away from anything with dyes, I have found that they have a very negative effect in all children. Since the diet change which I implemented in our lives my oldest son has asthma, but he has been symptom free since the change. I really love the results that I see in all of us and I just want to let you all know that getting back to nature is really beneficial for all of us. 
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